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Naven was created by twin design duo Kym and Alexis McClay.  Kym and Alexis gained their business and artistic sides from their Father Wayne, a savvy business man, and Mother Gail, a goldsmith and artist.  The twins spent most of their young life glob trotting visiting family in Europe where they got a taste for European fashion and culture, which would later develop into a fashion forward way of thinking, whose influences have been rendered in their designs.  

True California girl, the twins completed their degrees in Los Angeles; Kym obtain a BA in Fashion and Merchandising from FIDM in downtown Los Angeles, and Alexis a degree in Marketing and French from Pepperdine University overlooking the beach, in Malibu.  The twins put their fashion ideals into tangible form in 2008 with the birth of Naven.  The twins being of Irish descent used the Irish city of Navan as inspiration for their company name, and thus gained their title “The Naven Twins”.  Though Naven finds its roots in Los Angeles, and is characterized as a Southern California brand, the line embodies a touch of European influence stemming from the twins background, such as classic silhouettes and clean lines.  The twin’s vision behind “the Naven girl” is a confident, empowered woman, who uses color and fashion forward fits expressed in their wardrobe. Naven’s success is attributed to a large celebrity following of young Hollywood starlets, as well as a solid store list of  department stores, specialty and ecommerce retailers.