Vloggers, instagrammers, bloggers - we're all oversharers. Or the majority of us are anyway. Honestly, it's because real life content makes for interesting and entertaining watching. That's why Big Brother became so successful years ago, and that's why people vlogging their lives from their bed, is so enthralling. We're intrigued as to what goes on behind closed doors. And so we over share and share some more, in order to keep audiences coming back to our content.

But when is it too much? And are we sharing a little too much of our lives now, that nothing is intimate or private anymore?

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Revolve always seem to know how to throw the best party trips and the latest one to Bermuda was definitely not an exception. Just when you think they can't possibly top their last adventure, they prove everyone wrong. From the beautiful Rosewood Hotel that the team branded from top to toe, to the boat trips headed towards private sandy beaches and multiple Revolve outfit changes, to the opportunity to party inside a cave. It was a holiday quite simply without compare and one I obviously had to share what feels like an annual Revolve look book with you.

So here's everything I had the opportunity to wear in Bermuda, from bikinis to eveningwear, and how I styled them from the beach, to the hotel, to the nightclub in a cave!

Alexis Mcclay

I'm a big fan of summer fashion. When it comes to styling myself for events, for date nights and even for once in a lifetime road trips through the Alps, Summer makes it all so simple, lightweight and so much fun. No layers needed, just key transitional pieces that you can mix and match with the most bold of accessories and the chicest of settings.

Take this outfit, matched (accidentally) perfectly with the incredible vintage Bentley if I say so myself, but it screams playful, fun and chic - the epitome of what Summer styling should be. A pop of colour, the biggest sun hat I could find and an outfit to take me from driver to passenger in the blink of an eye. If only Alex could drive.

This Summer I've seen an abundance of sleek stripes, my favourite slingback style gracing everyone from Princesses to Bloggers, and the revamp of the holiday tote into a luxury wardrobe addition. Here are my favourite Summer trends right now and what I think you may like to add to your wardrobe before the season is out.

Alexis Mcclay

I recently arrived back from the beautiful party Island of Ibiza and to say I enjoyed my time away would be the biggest understatement this year. Every moment chatting with like minded creators, every occasion to let loose with friends and every second dedicated to being in the moment with the brands that invited us to spend time with them, was just so much fun.

I was so lucky to stay at both the Ibiza Gran Hotel and the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel for two separate, back to back trips and I couldn't have dreamt up two more 'Instagrammable' places to stay and enjoy Ibiza. The result was a million opportunities to capture my outfits that I had planned to style. From swimwear, to poolside chic and from morning coffees to bingo cool - yes you heard me right, bingo like you've never seen before!

So I've pulled them all together here - all my favourite outfits from my time in Ibiza from by the pool and out at dinner, and I hope they can give you even just a touch of inspo for your own summer vacation.


I think Paris comes very close to topping my list of most visited cities. If you look back through my blog, my Instagram and my vlogs over on YouTube, you'll see I get the chance to visit numerous times a year and whether it's for 24 hours or even a few days, I feel that I always find myself discovering something and somewhere new.

To me, Paris is a city full of beautiful architecture, incredibly indulgent food and the most wonderfully stylish people on the planet but just like all cities when you often visit, you worry that you may have seen it all - spoiler alert, I certainly have not!

If like me you've taken numerous photos in front of the Eiffel tower, eaten macarons at Ladurée more times than you can remember, stared longingly into the stores on Rue Cambon and feel like you can't step foot in the city without a hot chocolate from Angelina calling your name; then this post is for you!

Here's what 24 hours in Paris recently looked like for me, complete with some amazing views, out of this world food and of course, as always, the outfits I

Alexis Mcclay

Every year, one of my most loved, classic beauty brands, Lancôme, choose to collaborate with a fashion house to create the beauty collaboration of the Summer. This year is no exception and the collaboration is an embodiment of the Proenza brand, in makeup form. Enter the Lancôme X Proenza Schouler limited edition Fall collection.

" A meeting of minds An act of innovation A freedom to explore A celebration of craftsmanship."

So here they are, my favourite products from the Lancôme X Proenza Schouler collaboration, available now!

Alexis Mcclay