I've been lucky enough to have travelled to so many parts of the world over the past few years that have always been on my tick list. Not only did I coincidentally get bitten by the travel bug not long before my blog really took off, I simply had no idea that travel would be such a huge part of my career five years later.

From seeking out the best places to create content, to being whisked away to luxury resorts with some of my favourite brands, to dating someone who shares my passion for travel - it's been an albeit very tiring, match made in heaven.

There's actually something to be said for visiting a country while working. I often get the chance to see the tip of the luxury iceberg when it comes to resorts, events, food and travel, and that leaves me wanting to hastily book another trip, to really delve into what else makes it even more great. This list could quite easily be a top 10 and most likely creep up to a top 15 in the blink of an eye, but these 5 destinations are places I simply can't stop thinking about and would love to continue exploring. From the converted Palaces of India, to the white sandy beaches in Bermuda, to discovering what makes the Maldives so perfect.

Happy travels!

Alexis Mcclay