I'm a big fan of summer fashion. When it comes to styling myself for events, for date nights and even for once in a lifetime road trips through the Alps, Summer makes it all so simple, lightweight and so much fun. No layers needed, just key transitional pieces that you can mix and match with the most bold of accessories and the chicest of settings.

Take this outfit, matched (accidentally) perfectly with the incredible vintage Bentley if I say so myself, but it screams playful, fun and chic - the epitome of what Summer styling should be. A pop of colour, the biggest sun hat I could find and an outfit to take me from driver to passenger in the blink of an eye. If only Alex could drive.

This Summer I've seen an abundance of sleek stripes, my favourite slingback style gracing everyone from Princesses to Bloggers, and the revamp of the holiday tote into a luxury wardrobe addition. Here are my favourite Summer trends right now and what I think you may like to add to your wardrobe before the season is out.

Alexis Mcclay